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Please give us your first name if you'd like to be on the Street Team

Here is how we could use your help spreading the word about new music and shows:

  • Sharing social media posts about the band
  • Inviting friends to our Facebook events
  • Adding Lil Smokies songs to your Spotify playlists
  • Sending chain emails to your friends & family
On the streets:
  • Hanging posters & passing out handbills
  • Organizing listening parties
  • Organizing carpools to shows
  • Shouting from the tops of buildings
  • Requesting Lil Smokies songs on your local radio station
  • Mailing chain letters to your friends & family
  • Brainstorming other unique ways to share your favorite music with the world--we’re open to ideas!

We love taking care of our most involved fans and surprising them with things like merch, concert tickets, sneak peaks of new music, and meet & greets when we are able.